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About Us: The Importance of a Photo

As a parent I want my kids to know that they matter. When I was growing up, the house we lived in was almost exclusively decorated with photos of our family.  I’m talking BIG picture prints like the size of a painting with actual, expensive, nice wooden frames around all of them! Growing up in this kind of environment with all those photographs of my parents, my siblings, and I in these frames sent me this constant subconscious message that we were my parents’ treasure. That we were what really mattered to them. Even when my wife and I were broke newlyweds we made it a priority to invest in good photography. For us these are more than just decorations, we want to ingrain that same message my parents did. Family is more important than other things.

I was inspired to start Big Picture CPA because I found that our family photographer had paid way too much in taxes. His CPA at the time didn’t really understand the specific rules that apply to photographers. Though you wouldn’t want my assistance at your next photoshoot, I want to help photographers the best way I know how.

Photography Credit: Life Captured

My main brand, Jordan CPA Services, helps businesses by being their outsourced Chief Financial Officer. This is a service many photographers could benefit from; however, my typical package is $10,000. I understand that this is priced beyond the reach of most of the photographers I want to help. Because of this, I created a package specifically designed for photographers. Having this repeatable process in place makes us more efficient and allows us to pass those savings on to our clients. We are the experts in photography accounting.


Launching Big Picture CPA into the world and helping photographers fulfill their mission to preserve our memories and history is a grand aspiration of mine. At the end of the day, I want you to be successful in doing the work you love while having more money in your pocket and doing less of the things you hate.


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