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Welcome to the Big Picture Family!

Of course, if you want to be an over achiever and keep that high you're feeling right now from investing in yourself and your business, then some of the things on that on-boarding checklist are also listed below. 
  • Set up a QuickBooks Simple Start Subscription
  • Once you set your QB up, go in to you QB settings, and select Invite Accountant under manage users. From there, you can invite us at to your books! We'll take it from there.
  • Get us access to your bank and credit card statements - we love talking with you but in order for us to not bother you each month we'd love it if you could set us up with what's called Read or View Only Access to your bank and credit card accounts. This is an account similar to your online banking log in but it is specifically set up to not give us access to your funds and instead only allows us to view your statements and download them. Please contact your bank or credit card company about this.
Here we believe that outsourcing the things (especially the ones you hate) and focusing on what you do best is a form of self care. Go you!
We're pumped to start working with you and soon you'll receive an email with all the things needed to get kicked off.
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